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How many of you sit at a desk for hours on end and staring at your computer screen and scrunching your shoulders? Here are 3 stretches that you can do at your desk that will help relieve your stiff neck pain and help with headaches.

  1. Seated Neck Release

This Stretch helps with the sides of your neck.

Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Extend your right arm along the right side of the chair. Place your left hand on the top of your head and slowly tilt your head to the left. Apply gentle pressure with your hand to increase the stretch.To feel a deeper strecth, hold on to hte side of the chair. This stabilizes the torso and allows you to isolate the stretch on the side of your neck. Hold this side for 30 seconds, then slowly lift your head up and repeat stretch on the other side.

This offers a deep stretch in the back of your neck

2. Seated Clasping Neck Stretch


This stretch will help ease the tension of the muscle that runs between the upper part of the shoulder blade in the neck, you really feel the stretch in the back of your neck.Clasp hands and bring both palms to the back of your head. sitting with a tall spine, ground your hips firmly into the seats. Begin by gently pressing your hands your toward your thighs, tucking your chin into your chest. press down, use your hands to gently pull your head away from you shoulders. This will intensify the stretch even more.

Hold here for at least 30 seconds, and slowly lift your head and released your hands.

3. Behind the Back Neck Stretch

This standing stretch can be done anywhere, and will offer a deep stretch in the sides of your neck.Stand with your feet hip distance apart, arms by your sides.Reach both hands behind your backside, and hold onto your left wrist with your right hand. Use your right hand to gently straighten your left arm and pull it away from you slightly.To increase the stretch in your neck, slowly lower your right ear toward your shoulder.
Stay here for 30 seconds and then switch sides.

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